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    23 Hair Accessories That'll Distract From How Dirty Your Hair Is

    Even better than dry shampoo.

    1. A trio of branch-topped hair slides sure to make you feel like a forest nymph with zero effort.

    2. An extra-wide velvet headband with a twisted knot detail in the center for a touch of old-school glam.

    3. A pearl-and-crystal hair vine that wraps all the way around the back of your head for a show-stopping look.

    4. A fucking gigantic millennial pink bow barette with ruffled edges, because why not.

    5. A gold faux leather flower crown so you can have festival-ready hair all year round.

    6. A trio of pearl and crystal pins you can stick in any messy updo to make it black tie-ready.

    7. A delicate pearl headband to top off any outfit in the most elegant way possible.

    8. A metallic scrunchie with a bow on top and a built-in wire so you adjust the bow to look as perky as can be.

    9. A pair of stunning gold foliage hair clips you can save for a special occasion (think wedding) or just wear on a Wednesday to feel like damn royalty.

    10. A striped velvet head wrap that's secretly a headband so it won't go flying off your head at a moment's notice.

    11. A golden crown you won't ever want to ~leaf~ behind in your closet.

    12. A double-wire headband with stars all over it for a whole galaxy of cool in your hair.

    13. An eight-pack of bow-topped hair wraps for the easiest vintage hairstyle you can imagine. (Bonus: they're great at hiding your growing-in roots).

    14. A variety pack of hair elastics with a faux fur pompom that'll take your pony or messy bun up another notch.

    15. An iridescent mother of pearl clip to lend a little "Ariel, but at a modern art museum" vibe to your look.

    16. A straight-up gorgeous Art Deco-inspired comb that could totally pass as a family heirloom.

    17. An embellished headband studded with pearls, sequins, and copper beading to make third day hair look purposefully undone.

    18. A set of five velvet scrunchies, because your hair deserves to be adorable cozy, too.

    19. Pretty gold scissor- or comb-shaped clips for a very meta take on hair styling.

    20. A pair of metal headbands with gorgeous leaf patterning to make you feel like a Greek goddess.

    21. A sweet set of tropical clips so even in the deepest winter, your hair can take a beach vacation.

    22. A bun cuff that'll stay secure in your hair all day...while causing you to sing the Aretha classic "Chain of Fools."

    23. A crystal-studded skeleton hand (complete with red nail polish) for anyone who loves a bit of spooky with their sparkle.

    Because gorgeous hair accessories are basically the next best thing to wearing a crown.