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21 Things That Happened On "Friends" That Would Baffle Kids Today

RIP answering machines.

1. This description of Chandler's computer.

"The One With the List"

2. That time when Ross and Mike look up "lager" in an actual encyclopedia.

3. Ross's ~work pager~.

4. When Janice can come to see Chandler actually get on a plane without having a boarding pass or ticket herself.

"The One With All the Rugby"

5. When Phoebe calls Joey as "Estelle" and Joey doesn't know because there's no caller ID.

6. The one where no one saw Brad Pitt's weight loss on Facebook.

7. ~Smoking indoors~

8. The one where Joey and Ross get locked on the roof and don't have cell phones.

9. What a black book even is.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

10. When Ross doesn't self-diagnose his "skin thing" on WebMD.

11. This. Cassette. Tape.

"The One With the Hypnosis Tape"

12. The big to-do about free porn on TV.

13. When the gang runs out of gas and doesn't know where they are without GPS or Google Maps.

14. "The Xerox Place"

"The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break"

15. When Rachel worried after giving her (landline!) number to a guy that Ross would pick up the phone.

16. When Chandler finds out about Monica booking a wedding venue.

17. Actually ~all~ of the answering machine plot points.

18. Every word in the phrase "taped over my Baywatch tape."

19. Ordering something from a paper catalog. On the phone.

20. This reference.

21. When Joey's impression of a 19-year old was "Sup with the whack PlayStation sup?"

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"The One With Monica's Thunder" (7x01)

How ~times have changed~.