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    29 School Supplies That'll Make You Happy To Be In Class

    And you thought school supply shopping couldn't be any MORE fun!

    1. A set of sticky tab(by cats) to keep you from ~having kittens~ when you lose that important passage for your next essay.

    2. A miniature set of highlighters whose emotive facial expressions will make your five hours of nightly reading less of a pill.

    3. Sloth-shaped paperclips you can live vicariously through; while you're organizing paperwork, they'll be snoozing soundly.

    4. And a matching composition notebook so the paperclips don't get lonely.

    5. A floral-meets-Jurassic Park pencil pouch that's honestly #academicgoals.

    6. Crayon-shaped erasers to make deleting all those erroneous calculus steps feel more like scribbling in your favorite coloring book.

    7. Eiffel tower-shaped scissors that'll make you remember exactly why you're taking French.

    8. A quad of woodland creature pencils so you can pretend you're romping through the forest instead of sitting under fluorescent lights.

    9. A delicious pencil sharpener and eraser set to make fast (food) work of your homework.

    10. Lego building-brick gel pens totally perfect for builders and engineers of all ages.

    11. An agenda for only the very busiest of bees. Bonus: when someone asks you do do something you don't want, just point to the cover.

    12. A pencil pouch who is always hungry for school supplies. Frankly, it's best to feed him very often.

    13. A trio of erasers to make every mistake feel a little more bearable.

    14. A post-it stack guaranteed to get The Rolling Stones' "She's Like a Rainbow" stuck in your head.

    15. Adorable post-it flags to mark important passages so you can have all of your ~ducks in a row~.

    16. A unicorn pencil holder complete with a colored pencil horn to add a modern Lisa Frank vibe to your desk.

    17. Two sets of colorful and cute erasers to match to your mood, whether it's prickly or sweet.

    18. A set of four pens that click open and closed with a donut for a satisfying and sweet sound.

    19. A 10-pack of Pantone notebooks for the color nerd in all of us.

    20. An earaser you can pretend is a Fred and George Weasley-style extendable ear and do all the eavesdropping you want.

    21. A flamingo pen who just wants to ~hang~ out with you and your notebook.

    22. A set of lipstick-shaped highlighters perfect for 💄touching up💄 your study guides and notes.

    23. Correction tape dispensers masquerading as milk bottles for a truly legen~dairy~ whiteout experience.

    24. A set of gilded file folders to fill with words, words, words.

    25. Narwhal pushpins to add a touch of unicorn-of-the-sea realness to your home or locker bulletin board.

    26. A set of pink tasseled paper clips Elle Woods would 100% use to organize her legal briefs.

    27. Fruit-scened pencils packaged in a watermelon tube to add a ~juicy~ boost to your coloring needs.

    28. A gold and acrylic desk set to bring a touch of ~class~ to class.

    "Oh you fancy, huh?" Your desk to you.

    29. A marble academic planner with inspiration and room for goal-planning so you can track your school work and your passion projects.

    Let the supplies rain down upon you.