28 Sheet Cake Recipes You'll Want To Eat Right Out Of The Pan

    Just grab a fork and get to it.

    1. A German Sweet Chocolate Sheet Cake you can share along with one of your favorite fun facts: this cake isn't named after the country, but after the person who developed the chocolate!

    2. A from-scratch Funfetti Sheet Cake to celebrate momentous occasions, or even just a random Tuesday. Sprinkles make everything better.

    3. A Blueberry and Nectarine Upside Down Sheet Cake to take advantage of the best fruits of the season. Ok...to see the pretty fruit on top you *have* to take this one out of the pan, but it's worth it.

    4. A Chocolate Mousse Sheet Cake for a double whammy of desserts. And I'm sorry, but you're legally required to shave chocolate on top.

    5. A Red Velvet Sheet Cake paired with a perfectly tangy cream cheese frosting. You'll turn as bright as this cake when everyone compliments you on the excellence of your baking.

    6. A Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake recipe I'm printing out and carrying with me at all times to prove once and for all that yes! Cake is a breakfast food.

    7. A Fresh Strawberry Sheet Cake with a sweet secret trick baked right in: strawberry puree in both the cake batter *and* the cream cheese–based frosting.

    8. A Peanut Butter Sheet Cake you'll never be mad at when it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth. Going at this with a spoon = even better than going at a PB jar with a spoon.

    9. A Matcha Fudge Sheet Cake for a stunning presentation to feed a crowd, without a whole lot of extra work. Just pipe the matcha buttercream on in little swirls — even if they get a little messy, it'll still look great!

    10. A Butterscotch Sheet Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream to satisfy every craving you've ever had. Keep a little pitcher of the salted caramel sauce for extra drizzles over every slice, no one's stopping you!

    11. A Yellow Sheet Cake with Fudge Frosting that'll have you calling up everyone you've ever met to see if they have a birthday coming up. *Anything* to have an excuse to make this classic cake .

    12. A Tres Leches Sheet Cake, because thanks to the namesake ~three milks~ this bb gets soaked with, it's basically FOOLPROOF. Overbaked? Still going to be incredibly moist.

    13. A Pumpkin Sheet Cake with Buttermilk Frosting you *don't* have to wait until fall to make. Even in a July heatwave, you'll hear the crunch of autumn leaves with every bite.

    14. A Texas Turtle Sheet Cake that's just as over-the-top as you are — in the best way possible. Traditional Texas cake is great, but adding caramel and your favorite nuts? That's even better.

    15. A Hummingbird Sheet Cake that'll make you go "hmmmmmmmm" in delight after every bite. You won't even know you're doing it; it'll just happen. That's how tasty this is.

    16. A Vegan Chocolate Sheet Cake with Espresso Frosting with what is honestly the best flavor combo in all of food-dom. Chocolate and coffee, I love you.

    17. A Guinness Chocolate Cake with Irish Whiskey Frosting, because if you haven't yet seen the magic that happens when Guinness brings out the depth of chocolate flavor in a cake yet, now is the time.

    18. A Lemon Sheet Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting that'll make a bright addition to any picnic, cookout, or outdoor gathering you have in store this summer. Pucker up!

    19. A Cookies & Cream Sheet Cake with cookie pieces in the cake *and* frosting, because why the HECK not?!

    20. A Zucchini Sheet Cake for the most delightful way to eat your veggies yet. I'm definitely about to get my seven servings a day in.

    21. A Butter Rum Sheet Cake that'll (lit'rally) ooze perfection, thanks to the namesake sauce drizzled on top in lieu of icing.

    22. Texas Marshmallow Sheet Cake with a chocolate-and-mini-marshmallow icing you just poooouuuuuur on top. In the words of Ina herself, "How easy is that?!"

    23. A Brown Sugar Peach Sheet Cake that starts with your favorite yellow cake box mix — and then takes it to a whole nother level with fresh peaches and a brown sugar caramel icing.

    24. A Thin Mint Chocolate Poke Cake to bring back all the nostalgic feelings of your childhood. After poking holes in the cake, drizzle a chocolate pudding mix to saturate the cake, then top with a mint Cool Whip topping and crumbled Thin Mints.

    25. A White Chocolate and Raspberry Sheet Cake that looks incredibly gourmet, but is actually surprisingly simple to make

    26. A Chocolate Banana Sheet Cake sure to remove "moist" from your "words I hate" list once and for all.

    27. A frosting-free Mixed Berry Sheet Cake for a fresh option for the Fourth of July...or any ole occasion.

    28. A Carrot Sheet Cake you can slather with that perfect-looking cream cheese frosting as thickly as you like. My vote? Thiiiiicccckkkkkk.

    These recipes: perfect for feeding a crowd! Me: