16 Signs You Go To The University Of Maryland

For those of you who aren’t in Greek Life.

16. You will do unspeakable things for free food and t-shirts.

15. You wouldn’t get caught running to class, no matter how late you are.

Speed walking, however, is still an option

14. It’s raining? No class.

13. You have little to no faith in SEE bringing good performers.

12. You still can’t walk up the steps between Jimenez and McKeldin normally.

11. You feel accomplished whenever you get Courier.

10. You know what McKeldin is like during finals, but you still go there.

And stop kidding yourself, you’re never going to get any work done there.

9. You wait until the last possible day to change your directoryID password.

8. The phrase “old silverback at Cornerstone” brings to mind a very specific person.

Even if you’ve never been there before.

7. You’re secretly impressed with DOTS’ ticketing abilities.

But actually…

6. You remember how easy it was to get into Turtle. Or how easy it is to get into Cornerstone.

5. You hate Duke but don’t know why.

4. And you were not happy when you heard about the plus/minus grading system.

Or the new smoking policy.

3. You’ve donated something to Testudo during finals week, whether it was your half melted bar of chocolate or a deep fryer.

2. You and your friends are oddly fascinated with squirrels.

1. You dread the day you graduate because you love it here.

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