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The NFL Playoffs As Game Of Thrones: NFC Championship Game Edition

After yesterday's Game of Thrones-inspired breakdown of the AFC championship game, here is what the NFC title game would look like. Now someone resurrect John Facenda so he can narrate, "When you play the game of thrones you win or you die."

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San Francisco 49ers

Robert Baratheon = Justin Smith

How They're Alike: Based on the gut alone, Tony Siragusa would have been an absolute shoe-in for this distinction if he were still active. As it is, Smith gets the honor since he's the remaining player most likely to be wielding a war hammer in battle.

Khal Drogo = Vernon Davis

How They're Alike: Imposing physical specimens with long hair (albeit formerly in Davis' case) and incredible athletic feats to their name. Drogo never lost a fight, while Davis ran a 4.38 40-yard dash at the 2006 NFL combine. Although Drogo seems like too much of an emotionless tough guy to sob like a baby after an accomplishment, as Davis did after his game-winning score vs. the Saints.


Petyr Baelish = Jim Harbaugh

How They're Alike: No, I am not starting a vicious rumor that Harbaugh owns several brothels. Yet like Lord Baelish (better known as Littlefinger), he has won his share of admirers with a mixture of cunning and willingness to do whatever it takes. Consider it his way of overcoming those with "quick tempers and slow minds" (see Schwartz, Jim).

New York Giants

Gregor Clegane = Justin Tuck

How They're Alike: Both of these men are monstrous and terrifying. Of course, PETA would be all over the Mountain of the Giants' defensive line if, out of frustration, he severed the head of a horse with a single blow. But is there any doubt that he's physically capable of doing that?

Loras Tyrell = Eli Manning

How They're Alike: Neither "Knight of the Flowers" nor "Peyton Manning's goofy-looking younger brother" is an impressive-sounding descriptor. Yet both men are gifted at their crafts because they work extremely hard at it, thus allowing them to score upset wins over the likes of the Mountain (in Tyrell's case) and the 2007 Patriots (in Manning's case).

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