Congrats! You Made It To The Last!

Are you tired yet? Because I am. But no worries! This has been fun to me, really. So I hope it was for you too. ANYWAYS.

1. Let’s take a stroll down to memory lane first, m’kay? — Oh look, a Burtonesque memory lane!

2. Do you remember that cake you made with Aya and Rini for my birthday in 2000-ish?

3. It sorta kinda looked like this.

Plain, with no icing. But sweet because the fact that you all made it from scratch for me.

4. Do you remember this one? I’m sure you do.

Sorry the ‘a’ is gone. It’d be funnier if the ‘s’ that was gone. I mean— not that this gift is crap. The scrpbook was REALLY cool! It’s probably my favorite birthday gift from you. It was for my 14th birthday, I think. Ah, youth. How I’ve missed it.

Those shameless times when we’re obsessed with Westlife and football players.

5. I was obsessed with Raul Gonzalez.

6. And you were with Pablo Aimar.

7. Just in case you’re wondering how he looks today..

Daaaawww isn’t he still a cutie?! He is now 34 (unbelievable, he still looks 16) and with Johor Darul Takzim F.C in Malaysia. Maybe we should pay him a visit some time. ;)

8. I can’t mention football player without mentioning this guy.

Our shared obsession, Iker Casillas. Oh boy, this ballsy (pun definitely intended) guy getting sexier each year.

9. In the name of our childhood dream, we WILL go here someday!

(I swear I still keep that handmade postcard somewhere)

10. And then there is this birthday card with our prehistoric picture.

You without your braces, and me with that Superfail hair curl (yikes).

11. Also this tiny photo sticker. The only one I have from our childhood “collection”.

12. Oh, and actually these two.

Yep. That is all.

13. Despite being best friends for 16 years, we don’t really have many pictures together do we?

The only ones I could find in such a short time.

14. And these cards..

.. from birthday cards, Lebaran day cards, to Valentine Day’s cards (I didn’t know existed until I made this).

15. What I am saying is..

17. THANK YOU for everything you made and gave me since 1997 until today. Making this made me think that I hardly ever gave you anything of those sort. So here I am doing something a little different.

18. I have always noticed it, though. It’s just that my laziness is incurable, or I’m far from a romantic, or I’m never good with expressing feels, or maybe I save it for one special day.

(Damnit, now I should do something else for your wedding).

19. Hey, maybe it’s a special day today. What’s that? YOUR 25TH BIRTHDAY! Yikes. I’m not going to congratulate you on that. Quarter-life crisis suxballz.

But I can wish you that hopefully you’ll pass through it quite easily and more importantly, happily. Get all the things you need, find your way to earn anything you want, and feel grateful for everything you have.

20. As for now, here’s a virtual cake and.. sparklers?

(Until I get you a real one when I’m no longer unemployed and broke)


23. PS: As for the gift, a little delayed as always, I’m afraid. But worry not! It’s already on its way. :D

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