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12 Reasons Why It Sucks Being The Only Black Friend

No, I will not jump in to do the rap verse at karaoke.

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1. You are always inadvertently used as proof that your friend isn’t being racist.

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No, seriously bro, you are.

2. Being told you look like literally anyone black and famous.

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Thanks, Mr President.

3. When you're doing karaoke and everyone's singing along, they stop and look expectantly at you when it’s time for the “rap verse”.

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4. Everyone automatically assumes you’re an amazing dancer.

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Even though you do know your way around a dancefloor, but that's irrelevant.

5. When your friends think that by being friends with you they’re entitled to make "black jokes".

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It really, really isn't.

6. When a rap song comes on in a club, and a circle forms around you and you only.

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Aw heck, sometimes the beat is just too good .

7. Not being able to join in with general discussions about hairstyling.

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And if you DO so much as open your mouth, you’re plagued with endless questions about your hair routine. (Yes, I do wash it… Just like everyone else.)

8. If you show up somewhere and bring another black person, everyone assumes you’re related.

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We met at the gym, for god's sake...

9. When a friend asks to borrow your make-up for "fun", just to “see what they’d look like”.

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10. If running or competition is involved, you're always picked to do whatever requires the most physical exertion and are told jokingly that it’s in your genes…

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Wait... What?

11. Your friends welcome anyone to touch your hair and feel how "cool" it is.

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Don't. Touch. Me.

12. Everyone assumes you know how to do cornrows – and if you don't, this is somewhat disappointing to them.

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