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10 Things They Hate About Us

Because sometimes, what you see on the outside, is an exact reflection of what's happening on the inside.

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They hate the way we talk to each other

and the way I do your hair.

They hate the way we are always together,

They hate everything we share.

They hate the way we can dress alike,

and how we read each others mind.

They hate us so much it makes them sick

because our love is so unconfined.

They hate the way one of us is always right

They hate the way we lie.

They hate it that we make each other laugh

even worse that we can make each other cry.

They hate it that we miss each other when one of us is not around

and the fact that we never seem to hit a brick wall.

But mostly they hate the way they don't hate us,

Not even close,

Not even a little bit,

Not even at all...

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