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21 Things That Don’t Make Sense To People In A Relationship

Please don't ask when we're getting married.

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3. Some people assume you'll just stay home forever and you won't want to be included in guys'/girls' nights out.

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Of course we do! Although being forced to act as everyone's wingman/woman isn't super fun, I just want to get drunk and shake my hips to "Uptown Funk".

4. If they invite you and your significant other, they might fear you two will just start PDA-ing all over the place.



7. It does quickly become clear to people in relationships that single people make way too big a deal out of things like texting/calling each other.

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Just send the damn text, don't overthink it. If someone's playing games with you, it's not worth it.


13. You just want to go at your own pace, but then you're bombarded by other people's relationship milestones on social media.

17. And then your partner ends up getting on better with your parents than you do.

18. Some people assume you have it way easier because you're settled down and you don't have to worry about dating drama.

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Things can still get dramatic. Just because you're officially going out doesn't mean you're free from insecurities and doubts.

20. Others make you feel like you're sacrificing your freedom and wasting "the best years of your life".

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Healthy relationships give you the room to be yourself and grow as a person — it's not a death sentence.

21. And lastly, there are those people who ask: "Don't you ever get sick of each other?"

Sometimes we argue and things get a little tense, but mostly spending time with your best buddy is really awesome.