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    33 Embarrassing Things No One But Your Housemates Can Know

    They know ~everything~.

    1. How many times you bring your dirty washing home to your mum.

    2. And if you're not going home in awhile, you just spritz perfume on your clothes and hope for the best.

    3. They know all the greasy, atrocious things you eat when you’re drunk.

    4. And just how often you order pizza.

    5. They were there on the day you ordered takeaway for all three of your meals.

    6. They know what makes you drunk cry the most.

    7. They know the types of people you're actually attracted to.

    8. And the types you're attracted to once the beer goggles are on.

    9. They know where your favourite spot in the house is to pass out after too much tequila.

    10. And that bin you have next to your bed, it's not for rubbish, it's for drunk puking.

    11. In fact, they're the only ones who know your true alcohol limit.

    12. And they've experienced the nightmare of the person you become when the hangover strikes.

    13. Your housemates know exactly how many reality TV shows you watch.

    14. And how many episodes of The O.C. you’ve rewatched.

    15. They know how many of those classic novels on your bookshelf you’ve actually read.

    16. And how serious your hoarding habits are.

    17. Plus they know exactly where you shove your mess when the parents drop in.

    18. The people you live with are very aware of your ability to lose your travelcard/key/wallet/phone every day, and how much it makes you FREAK the hell out.

    19. They've met your shower singing voice.

    20. And they know how long it takes for you to get ready.

    21. Your housies know what you end up doing when you decline other people's invites.

    22. They've also experienced just how long you can stay on the couch without moving, and how long you can go without showering.

    23. They know what your actual PJs look like, as opposed to the sexy lingerie you put on for seducing people.

    24. They've experienced how precious you get about your personal belongings.

    25. They know you hide all your Beanie Babies when a suitor comes round.

    26. You might have a very cool and alternative music taste, but they know what your I'm-getting-pumped-up-for-a-night-out anthems really are.

    What happened to Nelly Furtado and can she come back and start making songs like this again #missu #myjam

    27. And what you listen to when you’re 100% miserable.

    When I'm in a sad lonely mood this is the song that hits me the most 😕

    28. They've also experienced first-hand how comfortable you are with nudity.

    29. And the way you act when a date’s come over and you’re trying to come off all cool and sexy.

    30. Likewise, they know how you act when someone's stayed the night and you just can't get them to leave the next day.

    31. And they know the true state of your own walk of shame.

    32. They also know many times you end up going back to your ex, even though you're always going on about how much you hate them.

    33. But lastly, despite everything, they also know you're actually pretty awesome to live with.