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This Is What Colin Creevey From "Harry Potter" Looks Like Now

Look at Colin, all grown up

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Potter fans, remember Colin Creevey, the geeky kid who was a massive fan of Harry Potter, and couldn't stop taking photos of him?

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Sadly he was murdered by the Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts, BUT let's remember him for his bravery, adorableness, and some of the great faces he pulled.

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In case you were wondering what a grown-up version of Colin would look like, wonder no more!

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Alright HOLD ON: Colin hasn't turned full-on punk rock — this is the actor Hugh Mitchell in the 2009 film Tormented, in which he plays the edgy Tim.

And here's a long-haired Hugh at the Florida Supercon around the same time.

And here he is at the 2013 MCM Comic Con in Birmingham.

Me with Hugh Mitchell #harrypotter at #mcmcomiccon #birmingham was awesome!!!

But more recently, Hugh has chopped his locks off.

Here he is visiting London's Tower Bridge.
Twitter: @hughmitchell1

Here he is visiting London's Tower Bridge.

Perhaps even embracing his inner Creevey?

Hugh's also been in the TV series White Queen, and he had half his face blown off in Parade's End.

You can see him next in the upcoming series of Wallander with Kenneth Branagh.

Hugh has quite a few talents up his sleeve. He's a cross-disciplined drum graduate from the Academy of Contemporary Music and he now composes music of his own.

You can check out his full showreel on his website.

He also checked in on his co-star's documentary about obsessive fans.

Fascinating documentary by @TomFelton on BBC. Actually recognised one of the superfans. He must get around.

Never change, Creevemeister. <3

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