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29 Signs You Were An IB Student

The International Baccalaureate diploma is basically two years of torture.

1. When people try to compare the IB programme to A-levels or AP classes you feel murderous rage.

2. Because International Baccalaureate students know stress like no one else does.

Sometimes you had to skip school just to catch up on that lab report/essay/portfolio.

3. As a result, you became a bit of a nightmare to live with.

4. Your graphic calculator took over your life.

Found a calculator in my makeup bag... #IBproblems

5. Having to do six subjects, Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay AND CAS points meant you literally never had enough time on your hands.

"When you poop and study at the same time Cuz you have NO TIME TO EVEN POOP IN PEACE" @GhaliaBarrage #IBProblems

6. And this T-shirt became painfully true 💩

7. All the deadlines happened at the same time, so it was impossible to juggle them all.

Mum got mad at me for not working on my extended essay but I was working on economics IA instead #IBProblems

8. The IB programme just LOVED making you write essays.

9. You and word counts ended up having a very tumultuous relationship.

Word was counting footnotes in my word count and I hadn't realised and I'm so far under the word count now I want to cry #IBProblems

10. The Extended Essay caused you to cry into your keyboard many, many times.

You also had to luck out with the right supervisor. Having your PE teacher supervise your essay on the theme of rebirth in Sylvia Plath's poetry, wasn't very helpful.

This is a very accurate definition.

11. The art of bullshitting is something every IB student had to excel at.

Over the course of this school year I have mastered the art of bullshitting an essay in little time, and still scoring well... #IBProblems

Especially when it came to Theory of Knowledge and you had to try and answers questions like: "To what extent are areas of knowledge shaped by their past?"


12. Overall Theory of Knowledge was pretty interesting and philosophical but also very confusing.

TOK can make me feel like I'm a total genius or extremely stupid. There is no in-between. #IBproblems

This is what it felt like voicing your opinion in TOK:

13. And this took up a ridiculous amount of your time.

Trying to put a single hole punch through a 20 page essay #ibproblems

14. You've considered bribing your parents/siblings/random lady on the street to do a bit of your work for you.

If someone will do my written task for me I will give you $50, some cookies, and a hug. #IBproblems

15. During exam time, your room was filled with piles upon piles of revision notes.

16. You spent 90% of your time making those notes.

17. You've had to carry a lot of books around with you, especially if you took Literature at higher level.

I dropped my backpack and broke the floor. #IBproblems

18. Whilst lugging those books around you've definitely thought: "This is exactly what pregnancy must feel like."

19. You chose your Higher Level subjects based on your passions and interests, but slowly they became your WORST nightmare.

20. IB kids are overall pretty ambitious, which means there's a lot of pressure to get good grades. Can we all just hate on Lorde's friend for a sec?

21. It always seemed like everyone else was studying harder, or they had better revision notes or maybe they got their hands on some magical past paper GAAAH.

22. Your worst nightmare was everyone else being really pleased with their results at the end of the two years, and you'd be like these guys...

23. In the end, this is all you could ever hope for.

24. Now we haven't even mentioned those dreaded Creative Action and Service points you had to deal with.

25. You end up trying to turn everything into a point: "I feel like this deserves a creative point AND an action point because I've found a totally unique way to eat my crisps."

26. Of course you had to be careful talking about "action" to your non-IB friends.

27. Then there was this very annoying, time-consuming part of being an IB student.

Always got to double check if you've spelt "baccalaureate" correctly #IBproblems

28. Of course when you do come across kindred IB spirits you felt like you had an immediate bond.

when I bond with IB students from other schools, it feels like I have found long lost family >>>

29. And any moment you could all start belting out this IB anthem together.