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What Do You Miss Most About Primary School?

Anyone fancy a round of Conkers?

Being an adult is pretty sweet because you get to decide when you want to go to bed and what you eat for dinner.

But remember all the amazing things you did in primary school, like the Parachute Game!!!

You didn't care that it was freezing outside because you had a serious game of Conkers to get on with.

Instead of spending your entire day stuck indoors you finished around 15:00, after which you'd run home and enjoy hours of play time!

Plus, school actually involved fun things, like naps, arts and crafts and story time.

And remember the sheer excitement you experienced when your teacher wheeled a TV into the classroom?

Besides, choosing what you get to eat is great and all but in primary school someone makes ALL your lunches for you!

And if your parents included a little surprise treat it would MAKE YOUR DAY.

Feeling nostalgic yet? What do YOU miss most about primary school? Tell us in the comments below!