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27 Times You Totally Related To Steven Universe, The Lovable Goof

Steven is always up for adventures, singing on his ukelele and eating breakfast.

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1. Steven Quartz Universe is an absolute trendsetter with his crop top, low rise jeans and cheeseburger backpack.

Cartoon Network

2. Not to mention those flip-flops.

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Seriously, you cannot fault the kid's style.

3. He's a body-positive rolemodel.

4. He cares A LOT about food.

5. He gives food the respect it deserves.

6. And mourns for it when it's gone.

"He's a frozen treat with an all new taste!

Cause he came to this planet from outer space!"

RIP Cookie Cat.

7. Steven knows what makes a good pizza topping.

8. But he his rightfully suspicious when pizzas aren't their usual shape.

9. He enjoys food the most when he gets to share it with his best pals.

Cartoon Network

Steven, please make us your "Together Breakfast"?

10. Steven is 100% there for the Crystal Gems.

11. Despite being humble, Steven does enjoy being in the spotlight from time to time.

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

12. He's good at getting his squad up on their feet and dancing.

13. But sometimes, friends are inconsolable.

Peedee needs to lighten up.

14. Steven is a very sensitive soul.

15. Luckily Amethyst is there to give him some tough love.

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16. Even when he's in the middle of a strenuous task he remains his goofball self.

17. Which some find a little annoying.

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18. Steven most definitely needs to work on his jokes.

Especially when Pearl doesn't really ~get~ them.

19. He takes arcade games VERY seriously

Cartoon Network.

Look how determined he is playing "Meat Beat Mania".

20. Sometimes Steven gets incredibly anxious.

21. He had to practice saying his own name over and over again before he could introduce himself to Connie.

22. And when Connie turned out to be a bit of a Debbie Downer...

Cartoon Network.

23. He presented her with the glow bracelet she dropped, to prove his friendship.

Cartoon Network

24. And look how awesome they are when they fuse together.

Stevonnie FTW.

25. Steven isn't afraid to let his emotions show.

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26. He knows that showing fear, doesn't mean you're weak.

27. And lastly, he always puts himself in the middle of conflict to avoid confrontation.

Steven <3
Cartoon Network

Steven <3