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    43 Reasons You Should Never Leave Marbella

    ¡Viva España!

    1. Marbella, a city and municipality in southern Spain, has 23 gorgeous beaches.

    Flickr: barbarawalsh

    As it's super sunny in the summer and pretty mild in the winter, there's plenty of time to enjoy them.

    2. Why not go for an invigorating walk on the beach before the day begins?

    3. Or watch the sunset before you go home and make a jug of sangria for you and your friends?

    4. A lot of people associate Marbella with the decadence of Puerto Banús, and yes, there are a lot of expensive yachts there.

    5. And oodles of people with far too much money.

    6. But Puerto Banús does make for great night out.

    7. You know you've arrived at the port when you pass Salvador Dalí's three-ton rhinoceros.

    Manuel González Olaechea y Franco / Via

    8. There's a gazillion restaurants to choose from.

    9. And what's more fun than strolling along the pier after a nice meal, peeking into some of those crazy expensive ships?

    10. Marbella is also surrounded by a breathtaking coastal mountain range.

    11. Because of its location, in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca, it's ideal if you're fan of a good trek.

    12. And once you've made the climb, the views are very "whoa".

    13. Hollywood may have its famous sign, but Marbella has a pretty cool sign of its own.

    14. And the place is overflowing with bistros, restaurants, and tapas bars.

    Flickr: chrisgold

    It's impossible to pick a favourite.

    15. Marbella is also a fishing village, which means the fish and seafood offerings are freakin' tasty.

    Flickr: ndw

    Be sure to order some pescaito frito (fried fish) and gambas (prawns).

    16. Even adventurous foodies will be satisfied.

    17. Before you know it you'll have mastered the art of cooking a good paella.

    18. The colourful old town of Marbella will cheer you up if you're in a bad mood.

    19. On Avenida del Mar you can sit under the shade and just watch the world go by.

    20. Look how beautiful the benches are!

    Flickr: hamadryades

    Get up on a Sunday, take a seat on one of these ceramic benches right by the fountain with a good book, and order a coffee from Cafeteria Marbella. You couldn't ask for a more perfect weekend.

    21. At night the old town comes to life.

    22. The Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Square) is a little oasis in the centre of it all.

    23. The square is perfect for people-watching.

    24. While you're at the Plaza de los Naranjos you simply have to order churros and a fresh glass of orange juice.

    Flickr: 26528022@N07

    Don't forget the hot chocolate sauce to dip your churros in!

    25. The old quarter is filled with beautiful winding roads and cobbled paths.

    26. The streets contain funky stalls selling little trinkets.

    27. And the colourful flowerpots will guide you on your walking tour.

    28. Outside of the old town, you've got Marbella's sunny boulevard.

    29. At some point you'll rent one of these and slide right into the refreshing Mediterranean sea.

    30. And perhaps try your hand at making an impressive sand sculpture.

    Flickr: chrisgold

    Good luck with that.

    31. If you stay in Marbella long enough, you'll become one with the locals.

    Flickr: 37137447@N00

    On New Year's Eve, make sure you head into the old town, and eat 12 very large grapes – one with every chime of the clock – leading to midnight. If you're lucky, the mayor will join you.

    32. You could even try your hand at some Andalusian flamenco.

    Flickr: pedropac72

    At the beginning of June, Marbella pays homage to its patron saint, San Bernabe, with a week-long fair, or féria, where you'll see flamenco dancing at it's very best. Get those castanets out!

    33. Marbella is also not far from the city of Málaga.

    Flickr: trondjs

    This means you're a short drive from an airport that can zip you to anywhere around the world.

    FYI: Málaga is a candidate for the 2016 European Capital of Culture.

    34. Plus you can take a bus to Tarifa, on the southernmost coast of Spain.

    Flickr: markiddo

    Tarifa is a surfer's paradise, and on a good-weather day you can see Africa from the shore.

    35. There's also an adventure park, Tivoli, to take younger siblings to.

    Flickr: terry_wha

    Tivoli is located in Benalmádena, just a short drive away from Marbella.

    36. Even experienced daredevils will find thrills there.

    37. There are also many water parks in Marbella.

    Flickr: royskeane

    Just make sure your bikini bottoms are still attached after a slide like that.

    38. And you can pay a visit to Mijas, a quaint hillside village.

    39. You'll find steep cobbled streets like this.

    40. And yet more colourful flowerpots.

    41. Come Christmastime, you can get ~all~ your shopping done in El Corte Inglés‎.

    Flickr: rickysalva

    This is the largest retailer in Spain, and you can easily spend hours there.

    42. And everywhere you go you'll find these cute little geckos that have no intention of going anywhere.

    Flickr: mikkohelander

    "Come to Marbella, guys! You'll never want to leave."

    43. Who can blame them? With all that sunshine, tapas, and siestas on the beach, there's no place quite like it!

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