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The Swedish Eurovision Winner Is So Handsome It Hurts

Måns Zelmerlöw has won Eurovision on behalf of Sweden with his catchy song "Heroes".

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So, what else do we know about Måns? He took part in Melodifestivalen, which is a contest that determines who will represent Sweden at Eurovision.


He also wore this spectacular outfit.

Despite hosting Sweden’s largest LGBT event of the year, Måns has come under fire in the Swedish press for saying it's not "natural" for two men to have sex. He apologised, publicly, many times, and stands by his support of gay rights.


Although, he seems to work most of that pizza off...


Tänkte bara önska glad midsommar från Sveriges vackraste plats..

He's clearly quite the party animal, he's not a stranger to body shots.

But he also likes to keep it chill with a nice cup of coffee.

And a friend to the animals in general <3

Even covered in dirt his face is pretty great to look at.

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He's also a fan of baked goods.

Troligtvis stans bästa knäck, signerad MZ.

AND chilling on the toilet.