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27 Cat Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Your Sex Life

Not the good stuff though, just the bad.

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1. When you accidentally let out a fart, and you hope to all the gods in the world that it went unnoticed.

2. When they suddenly turn into Johnny Bravo and it's terribly off putting.

3. When they insist on wearing an unnecessary "sexy" outfit.

5. When they're clearly too drunk to perform.

8. When you keep getting distracted by their over the top makeup.

9. When you feel like there's someone watching you.

10. When they're trying to bend you in weird positions.

11. When they insist on pleasuring themselves and you're just there like: "Well what do I do?"

12. When they think they're starring in a porno, but it's all just incredibly cringe.

13. When you'd much rather be watching a rugby game.

14. When they end up falling asleep mid-bone.

22. When they think it's a great idea to stick some porn on in the background.

That awkward moment you walk in on your cat.