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Here's Absolutely Everything You Missed At Eurovision

Selfies, champagne, and lots of napping

1. Before the finals, sex god Måns Zelmerlöw hit the gym where he ran into Australia's Guy Sebastian.

2. Straight after his amazing performance of "Heroes" he uploaded this video thanking the fans.

3. Tiredness finally hit him the next day, when he lost the will to live at the airport.

4. Guy, who represented Australia, was really excited to be part of Eurovision and he took lots of selfies. Here he is with Belgium's Loïc Nottet.

5. And with the gorgeous Edurne from Spain.

6. He also gave us a backstage glimpse with this snazzy video.

7. Here's Latvia's Aminata Savadogo getting her glam on.

8. She also had these amazing temporary tattoos covering her body.

9. Germany's Ann Sophie was ill in the days leading up to her performance, so she needed all the rest she could get.

10. But she still managed to kill it and have lots of fun with her crew.

11. Slovenia were super happy to make it to the finals, and uploaded this celebratory selfie after the semis.

12. Before hitting the stage on the night, they took a video of the audience.

13. Israel's Nadav aka THE GOLDEN BOY, spent a lot of his time hiding under umbrellas.

14. Estonia's Elina Born uploaded this glam selfie to thank her team of hair and makeup artists.

15. When she wasn't rehearsing she was spending time with a wax version of Johnny Depp at Madame Tussaud.

16. Tamar Kaprelian who was one of the performers representing Armenia took lots of snaps of her delicious food and fancy cocktails.

17. Monika Linkyte, one half of Lithuania's act, chilled in her cabin in between rehearsals and showcased her awesome emoji T-shirt. WE WANT IT!

18. She read The Little Prince to prep herself for her final performance.

19. Russia's Polina spent her time in Vienna looking absolutely flawless.

20. She also kissed her husband Dmitry Iskhakov LOTS.

21. Polina showed us all how happy she was to come second.

22. The insanely gorgeous Debrah Scarlett, one half of Norway's act, wrapped her amazing hair up into a big knot before she took off for Vienna.

23. She spent the entire Eurovision week looking like a goddess. Her singing partner Kjetil Mørland didn't look too shabby either.

24. Debrah also uploaded this hilarious video of herself with a half-naked cut out of Måns.

25. John Karayiannis from Cyprus took a ton of selfies in the green room. Here he is with Israeli squad.

26. Maria Elena Kyriakou ran around the backstage cabins a lot. Whenever the Greek press ran into her they all went crazy.

27. Poland's Monika Kuszyńska shared this pic of her being made up for her performance.

28. And here she is getting her hair done whilst her crew have a quick power nap.

29. And lastly, one last snap of Monika before she took the stage and wowed us all.