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33 Things Guaranteed To Happen On Your Girls' Night Out

Oh yes it's ladies' night and the feeling's right.

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1. Before the night starts you girls will take aaaaages to get ready.

It's secretly the best part of the night.

2. Mainly because every stroke of eyeliner gets intercepted by a boogie, a swig of wine, and a mini photo shoot.

3. At certain points the excitement of what's to come will take over your bodies.


4. Then the tricky part arrives: trying to organise everyone to get to the club.

5. There's always at least one girl who will meet you there and be very, very late.

Kodansha Ltd.

"Hey, I'm just five mins away."

We know you've only just gotten out of bed and you're about 30% dressed.

6. Once the group has finally assembled, it's time for your grand entrance.

7. Next up: Shimmy to the bar to take advantage of whatever deal they have going on.

How many cocktails can I feasibly carry back to the table?

Oh, what's that? Two-for-one on bottles of wine? We'll take 12.

One bottle down, another to go 🍷 #girlsnight


One bottle down, another to go #girlsnight

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8. To reserve your spot on the dancefloor, you girls will form a circle around your bags and dance like a sassy, bootylicious coven of witches.

Because there's no way we're paying for the cloakroom.
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Because there's no way we're paying for the cloakroom.

9. Dancing is quite tricky when you have to balance a drink (or two) in your hands.


10. There will be plenty of creepers that will try to intercept your girl circle of awesomeness.

11. And if they are persistent ~GIRL WALL~ will be implemented, which looks a bit like this:


12. After a few shots, everyone starts declaring their love to one another.

"I fucking love you!"


13. Someone will cry.


14. Time for a toilet break, aka how many girls can we cram into one cubicle?

15. In the bathroom you'll totally eye up other girl squads.


16. After taking a couple of ironic selfies of course (and maybe one proper one).

17. Reapplying make-up will prove to be difficult at this stage.

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18. Later on in the night someone may start to drunk-dial their ex.


19. And it's the duty of the more sober girls to intervene.

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20. If one of the girls is locking eyes with a suitable candidate you'll dare her to make the first move.

21. One of you might say they're single when they're not.



22. At this point you'll feel brave enough to test drive the more advanced moves you've seen in a Beyoncé video.

23. Which will result in a wardrobe malfunction or two.

24. Heels will be thrown off and the sheer relief will be one of the best feelings OF YOUR LIVES (until a bouncer demands that you put your shoes back on).

25. The tiredness/drunkenness that kicks in at this stage may lead to some emotional outpourings.

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26. There’s always one girl who gets lost from the pack, causing momentary panic.


27. In fact, most ladies' nights come with a few casualties.

28. Once the night is over and you're waiting for transport home, anything and everything will be used to continue those badass shapes you've been throwing all night.

29. More selfies will be taken.

30. But you'll make a vow to only put flattering photos on Facebook.


31. Of course, drunk food will be consumed.

More cheese!

32. Make-up wipes will be ignored, leading to this look the morning after:

33. And lastly, there's that dreaded walk home the next day when your head is pounding and you feel like death warmed up.

But it was oh so worth it.