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Just A List Of Things To Remember When I'm Depressed

Because they're easy to forget.

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1. Depression isn't a cry for help.

2. Depression isn't just about being sad.

3. Depression doesn't make me weak.

4. Depression isn't something I've done on purpose.

5. Or something I've asked for.

6. Depression doesn't make it OK for me to harm my body.

7. Depression isn't a punishment for being lazy.

8. Or why I didn't increase the resistance in spin class.

9. It's not something I can magic away with yoga.

10. Or green tea.

11. Or mindfulness.

12. It's perfectly fine to think meditation is a joke even if David Lynch is a really cool guy and I genuinely want to be into everything he's into.


13. Depression doesn't mean it's OK for me to be a dick.

14. Depression isn't something that will last forever.

15. It's not something I should let other people romanticise.

16. It's not my "thing".

17. It's a disease.

18. Depression isn't a reason to stop respecting myself.

19. Depression doesn't mean everyone is lying.

20. It does mean I might be lying to myself.

21. Depression doesn't mean I have to just go along with everything because I feel too numb to do otherwise.

22. It also doesn't mean I have to fuck my life up just to get a clean start. People don't have to start at the bottom to start again.

23. Depression doesn't make me shit at everything I do.

24. But it may mean I struggle doing things I love the most.

25. Depression doesn't make me interesting.

26. It also doesn't make me boring.

27. I don't have to exclusively surround myself with other depressives.

28. Depression isn't a reason to self-medicate.

29. It is a reason to take meds that are prescribed to me.

30. And to take them on time.

31. Depression isn't a reason to avoid people.

32. But it is a reason to get help.

33. Support groups aren't dumb.

34. Doctors don't hate me.

35. I'm not a burden to humanity.

36. Just to myself, sometimes.

37. Depression doesn't make me a shit person to be around.

38. It doesn't make me fail at my job.

39. Depression doesn't mean I'll be a fucked-up parent.

40. Depression doesn't mean I'll never fully understand love.

41. I probably won't be on medication my whole life.

42. But even if I am it's fine.

43. It doesn't make people pity me.

44. It's not the reason why that person accepted my friend request.

45. Writing about depression is good.

46. Ignoring it is bad.

47. And just doing OK is more than enough.