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    28 Photos That Are Far Too Cringe For British People

    What a palaver!

    1. When you're promised a glorious heatwave, but the weather doesn't deliver.

    2. And you have absolutely no idea how to dress.

    Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @HollyM_Photo

    3. When it's finally sunny, but you can't sit in a park without hearing some knob on their guitar.

    4. When you're just trying to be polite, and it totally backfires.


    5. And then you spill your own tea everywhere.

    Twitter: @josephmorgan / Via Thinkstock

    6. When people refuse to obey the rules of a queue. / Via Thinkstock

    7. Which is especially annoying considering that even your pets know how to form an orderly line.

    Everything is very orderly in my house, even the cats queue for food like proper British gentlemen!

    8. When your only sense of adventure comes from a change in your daily routine.

    9. When situations like this arise, but there's no WAY you'll repeat yourself.

    10. When the newsagent couldn't give a flying fart about how polite you are, but you can't help yourself.

    11. When you forget you've made tea...AGAIN.

    12. And you have to resort to unconventional methods.

    13. When you're DESPERATE to eat your bag of crisps on the train and someone takes the seat next to you.

    First my nose is polluted by stinky human being breath on the tube, now by honking roast chicken crisps #passmeapeg

    14. When you realise Domino's may be your only friend.

    When u look at your phone after a full shift at work & the only notification you have is a text message from Dominos

    15. When your childhood dreams are crushed.

    16. When you've gotten the timing wrong for your roast dinner.

    Twitter: @crankyciara / Via Thinkstock

    17. Or you forget that VITAL ingredient.

    18. When Americans ask where you're from.

    19. And you realise they actually think everyone in Britain is a walking stereotype.

    20. When your custard creams are all fucked.

    21. When no one's told you what to do on your first day of work, but you'd rather not make a fuss.

    22. Or you're in the middle of a meeting, and nature calls, but you're not going to make a scene by moving.

    When you're stuck in a meeting and you need a poo

    23. When you realise you're so scared of being judged, while you're actually 100% judgmental yourself.

    Channel 4

    24. When politicians are banging on about their important policies, but this is all you care about...

    25. When the Oak Furniture Land advert is ruining your life. / Via Thinkstock

    26. When Marmite has cemented the jar and lid together so you have to resort to more violent measures.

    Couldnt get my marmite lid open so resorted to the using concrete approach

    27. Ditto for when your Chewits stick to the wrapper.

    @Chewits imagine my dismay at going back to my childhood only to find every sweet's wrapper is stuck to it. 😢

    28. And lastly, when you realise you may have reached peak politeness. / Via Thinkstock