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23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Awkward People

"I'm not good at people-ing".

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1. When you're stuck in a lift with someone.

2. When you put makeup on at work and you walk back to your desk feeling very self conscious.

3. When you think you're staring at someone subtly, but you're totally freaking them out.

4. When you're trying to be a good friend, but you end up making it worse.

5. Or you text the exact amount of "ha's" that come out of your mouth.

6. When you're interrupted, and you're not quite sure how to recover.

Nothing more awkward than when you're telling story and someone else comes in and interrupts and you stand there like

7. When someone walks in on you doing something a bit weird and you just freeze.

8. When you feel sorry for the guy in this story, because you've definitely been in his shoes before.

9. When you're social media stalking.

10. The prospect of having to speak on the phone gives you the creeps.

11. In fact, phones just aren't your thing.

12. There's the rare occasion you do speak in public, and you don't die on the spot.

13. When you see your ex and you just want to hide somewhere ASAP.

14. When you're trying to convince people you're dating a total hottie.

"Meet Margaret, she loves my motorbike."

"Meet Margaret, she loves my motorbike."

15. Or you see people making out and you have no idea how to react.

16. This is you flirting.

17. When you try and pose normally for a photo, but once again you end up pulling a goofy face.

18. And this is your face when you have to do any kind of group activity.

How I feel about group projects

19. This pretty much describes your life EXACTLY.

20. You've even considered buying this book.

21. But then you try and put those conversation tips into practice.

22. This is you at every party: Find the food, ditch the people.

23. And lastly, this perfectly illustrates how bad you can be at filtering your thoughts.