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    27 Adorable Animals Who Are So Ready For Bed

    Off to Bedfordshire.

    1. This little fella's had a very long week.

    2. This hedgehog wanted to go out tonight but didn't last past pre-drinks.

    3. This puppy couldn't be any more ready for bedtime.

    4. This sloth just wants to hit the hay.

    5. This kitten is trying to stay wake but it's too hard.

    6. This puppy's had his warm milk and just wants to rest his weary head.

    7. This bunny is dreaming of carrots.

    8. While this pug is dreaming about a very attractive lady pug he saw in the park today.

    9. This tiger is oh so tired.

    10. This puppy wanted to stay up and watch another episode of "Frasier" but couldn't hack it.

    11. This owl wants you to make him a cup of tea but he's too tried to speak.

    12. This cat is ready to turn the lights off.

    13. This puppies are holding a "who can fall asleep first" competition.

    14. This little piggy went to market and it took a lot out of him.

    15. Same with this little piggy.

    16. This cat is on a catnip comedown.

    17. This kitten tried to stifle her yawn but just couldn't.

    18. This pup is going to fall asleep right in your hands.

    19. This dude is completely and utterly pooped.

    20. This pug doesn't understand how you're awake right now.

    21. This cat needs you to STFU so he can sleep.

    22. This dog can't be awake for any longer.

    23. This cutie is just finding a spot to get comfy.

    24. This guy is falling asleep very, very slowly.

    25. Wheres this guy is already fast asleep.

    26. This pug is having some weird dreams.

    27. And lastly, this puppy is having some dreams he'd rather we not know about.

    Don't worry, go back to sleep and dream about butts little guy!