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Jan 9, 2015

21 Types Of Really F*cking Drunk You've Been At Least Once

As told by cats, because cats are always wasted

1. The "I'm So Freakin' Excited About Every Little Tiny Thing" Drunk.

2. The "I'm Feeling Quite Sexy Right Now" Drunk.

3. The "BRB Gonna Go Flirt With the Bouncer" Drunk.

4. The "I'm Normally Quite Shy but Now I Feel Invincible" Drunk.

5. The "Don't Mind Me I'm Just Going to Sit Down Here for a Bit" Drunk.

6. The "If I Keep Looking Straight Ahead Hopefully I Won't Puke" Drunk.

7. The "I'm Feeling So Confrontational I Might Pick a Fight With a Bar Stool" Drunk.

8. The "I Can't Stop Crying About Everything" Drunk.

9. The "Let's Get Really Deep and Philosophical" Drunk.

10. The "I Should Go Home But How Does One Call a Cab Again?" Drunk.

11. The "I've Only Had One Glass of Wine but I'll Pretend I'm WASTED So It's Acceptable to Text My Ex" Drunk.

12. The "LOL I'm Gonna Prank-Call All My Buddies Right Now" Drunk.

13. The "I Don't Really Know What I'm Doing With My Life and Am I Really Peeing With the Door Open?" Drunk.

14. The "Overly Attached" Drunk.

15. The "Hey It's Totally Cool If I Crash at Your Place, Right?" Drunk.

16. The "I Know We're Just Friends but Let's Kiss Each Other for Fun" Drunk.

17. The "I'll Keep Insisting I'm Sober Until Someone Believes Me" Drunk.

18. The "I'm Going to Take a Sip From Everyone Else's Cocktail" Drunk.

19. The "What I Really Need to Do Now Is Send Everyone a Snapchat of How Intoxicated I Am" Drunk.

20. The "My Mind Is Completely Blown by Everything" Drunk.

21. The "I'm Seeing Double but Whatevs Still Gonna Watch All of Friends Right Now" Drunk.

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