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These Temporary Tattoos Act As Positive Reminders For Anxiety Sufferers

What's more important than taking care of yourself?

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Janelle Silver's Etsy shop, Hearts and Hands, is a thing of beauty.

Her shop also sells these "note to self" temporary tattoo sets.

Janelle Silver

These tattoos are a lot more tactile than most temporary tattoos, which Janelle says helped her with her own anxiety: "It's nice to have something I can feel. It also means they hold up well!"


Speaking about her Etsy shop to BuzzFeed News, Janelle said:

There's a lot of negativity online and in society in general, but I believe we all have the ability to offset and change that. We can choose to find, focus on, and create positives, and that's what I wanted to do with my store.

Janelle hopes her creations will remind people that "there is always someone who will be willing to help, even if it takes some time and persistence to find them."

"All rough patches will come to an end, and I promise you there's always hidden positives in amongst it all somewhere," she added.

Well said, Janelle.

You can visit her Etsy shop here.