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22 Things Everyone Needs To Eat In Amsterdam

In case you get the munchies.

1. Cheese from De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam.

2. Patatje Oorlog from any "snackbar".

3. Poffertjes from The Pancake Bakery.

4. A burger from Burgerlijk.

5. And if you're still craving for more burger head to The Butcher.

6. Broodje haring from any fishmonger or street vendor.

7. Eggs Benedict at The Lobby.

8. Stamppot at Haesje Claes.

9. Red Velvet cake at De Drie Graefjes.

10. Algerian couscous at Rainarai.

11. A kroket from a FEBO wall.

12. Tapas and cured meets from art’otel's 5&33.

13. Enchiladas from Rosa's Cantina.

14. Saoto soup from Waterkant.

15. Cheese fondue at Bar Huf.

16. Stroopwafels from street vendors.

17. Bitterballen from the Sky Lounge.

18. Oysters from Lion Noir.

19. A fancy sandwich at Walem.

20. A hearty salad from Nacional.

21. Sushi from Tomo Sushi.

22. And lastly wash it all down with a beer in Skek.

H/T Fred van Eijk for many of these recommendations.