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    19 BFFs Who Just Get It

    This contains so many friendship goals.

    1. These BFFs who know matching snuggies are the official best friend uniform.

    2. This BFF who's taking her pal on a holiday.

    3. This BFF who knows the only way to welcome someone home is with a big glittery sign at the airport.

    4. This BFF who knows no Instagram post shall be left unliked.

    5. These BFFs who celebrate their inner old woman.

    6. This BFF who made a glorious cake.

    7. Or the BFF who knows that the best cake comes with an edible image of Taylor Hanson. 👌

    8. This BFF who turned her bestie's workspace into a birthday extravaganza.

    9. This BFF who's there to celebrate all the little victories.

    10. This BFF who wants her pal's digs to be nice and tidy.

    11. This BFF who leaves little motivational notes for her partner in crime.

    12. This BFF who packs her sidekick's lunch.

    13. This BFF, who not only made her friend's favourite cookies, she decorated the container with all her favourite things.

    14. This BFF who cheered her pal up with some fancy treats after a rough day at work.

    15. This BFF who leaves goodies for her sister from another mister, just because.

    16. This BFF who's there for her chum, literally every step of the way.

    17. This BFF who knows exactly how to get a party started.

    18. These best buds who face their fears together.

    19. And lastly, this BFF who made her and her pal owners of land - how fancy 🍷

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