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27 Fiercely Fabulous Rihanna Reactions For Everyday Situations

Bad gal RiRi doesn't have time for your shit.

1. When your archnemesis walks into the room.

2. Then they trip up and you have to use ~all~ your strength not to howl with laughter.

Jennifer Lawrence no papel de minha pessoa e Rihanna no papel de minha vida 😕

3. When someone starts describing to you, in detail, their raw-food diet.

4. So you order an XL pizza to cheer yourself up.

5. When you're on a date with someone and they say they've never seen The Lion King.

6. When you're describing your ex-boyfriend's penis.

7. When you encounter some hardcore PDA.

8. When you have to pick something up in front of your crush.

9. When you're hoping your boo is ready for some morning sex.

10. When you see a hottie enter the club.

11. When you walk up to the bar and the bartender serves you before anyone else.

12. When you have to ask your boss for a raise.

13. When someone asks you about your BFF.

14. When you've shaved your legs for the first time in ages and you feel so silky smooth.

15. But then you discover a ladder in your tights.

16. When your hair sticks to your lipgloss but whatevs – it doesn't affect your fabulousness in any way.

17. When you have a bad bout of hiccups.

18. When someone takes the last seat on the bus.

19. When someone tells you to calm down.

20. When that co-worker you absolutely can't stand starts chatting to you.

21. When someone takes aaaages to get to the punchline of their joke.

22. When you go home for Christmas and arrive in your hometown.

23. When someone's left a load of crumbs in the butter.

24. When someone's put an empty milk carton back in the fridge.

25. When you're letting someone stay over but you want them to know the majority of the bed is yours.

26. When someone asks what you want for Christmas.

27. And lastly, this is you, running from all the haters.