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    29 Food Pics That'll Make You Tingle With Pleasure


    1. Let's start with some eggs. Here's a beautiful arrangement of shiny egg yolks.

    2. And here's a deliciously round egg yolk that fits perfectly in the sink.

    3. Here's an egg yolk being plucked out of the egg.

    4. Here is some ~super~ gooey cheese streaming out on to the plate.

    5. Or how about this sexy syrup, collecting in a perfect little mound.

    6. This GIF of reverse doughnut frosting isn't too shabby either.

    7. Here's a perfect swirl of soft-serve ice cream you just want to dunk your face in.

    8. Here's a totally arousing GIF of macaroni being made.

    9. This pineapple being cored in a perfect juicy cylinder will make you feel things.

    10. Here's a perfectly circular arrangement of baby tomatoes.

    11. And cappuccino foam that's so damn smooth you want to dive right in.

    12. Here's a cup of tea that's as enticing as a still lake on a summer's day.

    13. Here's a sensually symmetrical strawberry tart.

    14. The apple slice variety is equally satisfying.

    15. One more neatly arranged tart: so perfect, so juicy.

    16. Speaking of juicy...

    17. Here's a sexually stimulating strawberry without any seeds.

    18. How about this flawless kiwi slice? Down to those adorable little hairs on its skin.

    19. Here's a perfectly unbroken cracker.

    20. And a flawless ball of smooth-ass dough.

    21. Here's some dough throbbing as it raises within its bowl.

    22. Here's an incredibly smooth Swiss roll slice – don't you just want to stick your finger right in the middle?

    23. This hollowed-out meringue you just want to fill with love and tenderness.

    24. And here's a sultry arrangement of avocado and tomato slices.

    25. Speaking of arrangement, check out this fruit aisle.

    26. And these organised peppers.

    27. Or this skittle artwork.

    28. Here we have some rainbow pasta, organised by colour.

    29. And lastly, have you ever seen a mushroom grow? It might just give you a boner.