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    29 Food Pics That'll Make You Tingle With Pleasure


    1. Let's start with some eggs. Here's a beautiful arrangement of shiny egg yolks.

    Creative commons: Flickr: limarie

    2. And here's a deliciously round egg yolk that fits perfectly in the sink.

    3. Here's an egg yolk being plucked out of the egg.


    4. Here is some ~super~ gooey cheese streaming out on to the plate.

    5. Or how about this sexy syrup, collecting in a perfect little mound.

    6. This GIF of reverse doughnut frosting isn't too shabby either.

    7. Here's a perfect swirl of soft-serve ice cream you just want to dunk your face in.

    Creative Commons: Flickr: wallyg

    8. Here's a totally arousing GIF of macaroni being made.

    9. This pineapple being cored in a perfect juicy cylinder will make you feel things.

    10. Here's a perfectly circular arrangement of baby tomatoes.

    11. And cappuccino foam that's so damn smooth you want to dive right in.

    12. Here's a cup of tea that's as enticing as a still lake on a summer's day.

    Creative commons: Flickr: jels

    13. Here's a sensually symmetrical strawberry tart.

    14. The apple slice variety is equally satisfying.

    15. One more neatly arranged tart: so perfect, so juicy.

    16. Speaking of juicy...

    17. Here's a sexually stimulating strawberry without any seeds.

    18. How about this flawless kiwi slice? Down to those adorable little hairs on its skin.

    19. Here's a perfectly unbroken cracker.

    20. And a flawless ball of smooth-ass dough.

    Creative Commons: Flickr: chiotsrun

    21. Here's some dough throbbing as it raises within its bowl.

    22. Here's an incredibly smooth Swiss roll slice – don't you just want to stick your finger right in the middle?

    Creative Commons: Flickr: froschmann-jp

    23. This hollowed-out meringue you just want to fill with love and tenderness.

    24. And here's a sultry arrangement of avocado and tomato slices.

    Creative commons: Flickr: jronaldlee

    25. Speaking of arrangement, check out this fruit aisle.

    26. And these organised peppers.

    27. Or this skittle artwork.

    Creative Commons: Flickr: rwr

    28. Here we have some rainbow pasta, organised by colour.

    29. And lastly, have you ever seen a mushroom grow? It might just give you a boner.

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