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27 Most Hilarious Things About #GrowingUpDutch

You ain't much if you ain't Dutch. Thanks to the brilliant #GrowingUpDutch.

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1. Dutch kids live off of these things:

#GrowingUpDutch you can live off these

Bapao for life <3


3. After school your mum would get out the toaster for some gooey cheese toasties.

#growingupdutch always for lunch after school 🙈😌

4. You'd eat your toastie and watch any of these shows:

5. This guy taught you how to stack your fists on top of each other.

#growingupdutch DEZE VUIST OP DEZE VUIST.. 😂

6. Your cool factor was dictated by how much Diddle stationery you owned.

Collecting Diddle stationery and trading pages of your notepads with other kids. #GrowingUpDutch


7. School parties always involved some strange obstacle course like this:

Always doing this game at a summer party at school #growingupdutch

8. Your birthday involved having to plan two parties: one for the kids and one for the adults.

#growingupdutch als je jarig was gaf je een kinderfeest en een grote mensen feest

The kid one was fun, the adult one mainly involved sitting in a circle, having to talk to your great aunt.

9. There were many, many birthday songs you had to sing.

#GrowingUpDutch 'happy birsday to you, in de wei staat een koe en de koe zegt i love you, happy birsday to you'

Dutch people also struggle pronouncing the word "birthday".


12. Dutch kids tell the worst jokes.

#GrowingUpDutch "ken je hem?" "wie?" "kiwi!!" + "kan je erbij?" "waarbij?" "aardbei!!!" smh

13. And chant tons of annoying rhymes like this:

#growingupdutch "waarom?" "daarom" "daarom is geen rede, als je van de trap af valt, ben je gauw beneden"

14. '90s kids spent a lot of their time singing along to a track called "The Boob Song."

#GrowingUpDutch Listening to Kinderen voor Kinderen and laughing at the song about boobies

15. The first fandom you ever belonged to was K3.

#GrowingUpDutch if you know you knowww.

We miss Kathleen ;(

16. We don't have Disney in the Netherlands, but we do have De Efteling!!!

#growingupdutch do i even need to say anything?


17. And Het Land Van Ooit.

#growingupdutch if you ever went to "land van ooit"

The theme park's tag line, "Kid's are the boss", was always a letdown, leading to situations like this:




"No, I'm the boss."

Talk about false advertising.

18. Dutch kids love to play tricks on each other:

"Ben je bang voor je vader en moeder?" #GrowingUpDutch

"Are you afraid of your dad and mother?"



19. Your first words were most likely "moon," "rose," and "fish."

21. Our national anthem, the Wilhelmus, is quite tricky too.

#growingupdutch only knowing the first verse of the national anthem


22. As a Dutch kid you have to bike to school, no matter what.

" mom i think its gonna rain can u bring me to school?" " no its beautiful outside go with ur bike" #growingupdutch

23. And it's super uncool to wear one of those rain capes.

No matter how hard its raining i would rather be all wet than wear one of these #growingupdutch

24. Luckily HEMA had these handy waterproof trousers.

25. To ensure your shoes didn't get soaked, you'd bike like this.

When its raining outside and u dont want ur shoes to be wet so u be like #growingupdutch

26. It would take you about five hours to find your bike in the school bike stalls.

27. And lastly, this annoyed all Dutch kids — and adults for that matter:

#GrowingUpDutch Foreigners that think that 'Holland' and 'The Netherlands' are different countries. :-I


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