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23 Desk Lunches That Will Make You Weep


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1. These Nik Naks dunked in sewage soup.

2. These sad noodles being boiled in a coffee pot.

3. This can of some unsanitary substance that could have been yummy tuna.

4. This soup that met its end way too soon.

5. This salad that couldn't deal.

6. That sad cheese cracker that splattered over the desk.

FFS! #fail lunch splattered over my desk!

7. This cheese sandwich that could have been a romantic gesture, but failed.

9. This cube of burnt noodles.

10. This grilled quesadilla that could have been great but ended up being flat, depressed and tasteless.

11. This disturbing combination of ingredients.

12. These burnt bits of vegetables covered in a semen-like fluid.

13. This hot dog with the bleakest garnish you've ever seen.

15. This frozen lunch hoping to be saved by a measly desk lamp.

That Oops moment when you realize you put your lunch in the freezer at work yesterday. Desk lamp, don't fail me now.

16. This lunch that was supposed to be a good pun but it's just too sad.

"A Mac and cheese"

17. This dry wrap with bits of poo.

19. This bruised banana and dry slice of bread.

20. This murky box of water.

21. This hard-boiled egg and cheese stick thing.

22. This sandwich that didn't even make it to the desk.

23. Same goes for this pasta.

24. And let's all mourn this bag of Chipotle goods that left us way too soon.