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49 New Year's Resolutions Twentysomethings Should Consider

Dieting and going to the gym are NOT on this list.

1. Cut down on drunk texting, or at least try to.

2. And if you do end up drunk messaging an ex, just shrug it off. Don't spend the entirety of your next day hungover, hating yourself.

3. In fact, learn to shrug things off more often. Let 2015 be the year of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

4. Stop dieting: Just eat more fruit and veg and drink a ton of water.

5. Although, it's probably about time to stop eating all your meals in bed. Greasy pizza stains are a nuisance to get out of sheets.

6. Figure out how to re-create your favourite takeaway food at home.

7. Revisit places from your childhood that were memorable, whether it's the gym you used to go for tumble tots or the pier where you ate your first ever ice cream.

8. Figure out what makes you tick, what you actually feel passionate about, and delve further into it. Never stop learning.

9. Learn to reshuffle your schedule so you have more time for creative projects, and make sure you finish those projects.

10. Pick a European city to visit this year.

11. Ride the scariest roller coaster you can think of.

12. Stop beating yourself up about missing the gym, instead find a form of exercise you actually enjoy.

13. Dance alone in your room whenever you get the chance.

14. Take a social media break.

15. Delete people who still send you Candy Crush invites.

This is a real problem people! Don't put up with these digital terrorists! #CandyCrushed

16. Dive off of the highest diving board at your local pool.

17. Also, jump into a pool/the sea/a lake fully dressed this year – you'll feel so badass.

18. Have dessert for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner.

19. Ditch phones when you're eating with other people.

20. Stop worrying about when to text someone you like. Don't give into all those silly games this year.

21. Sing out loud whenever you feel like it.

22. Cry unashamedly.

23. Worry less about what people think.

24. Give more compliments.

25. Meet up with old school friends.

26. Clear out all the clutter in your room and clothes you no longer fit into.

27. Write someone a love letter.

28. Try a food you've never eaten before. Also, find out how high your spicy food tolerance really is.

29. Let go of the past, scribble all your worries onto a piece of paper, climb to the highest point in your city, and throw all those bits pieces of paper down. TAKE THAT PAST.

30. Frame treasured family photos.

31. Treat your parents to dinner.

32. Meditate, or at least try to.

33. Walk to places: Get off that crammed bus and let your feet do the moving.

34. Don't spend the ENTIRE weekend on Netflix – maybe limit it to Sundays.

35. Dip your toes in a sea you've never been to before.

36. Spend an entire day at the arcade and see if you can actually win something.

37. Ask your grandparents about their childhood.

38. Volunteer in your local soup kitchen.

39. Spend a day playing one of the older versions of The Sims and try not to use a cheat code.

40. Learn to use Excel properly.

41. Order your books and DVDs, alphabetically or any way you like. Make a to-read/watch list to add to the collection.

42. Dedicate a Tumblr to your BFF charting your friendship and send them the link on their birthday.

43. Give blood.

44. Do some crafty DIY hacks around your home to make the place more cosy.

45. Invest in matching underwear.

46. Start a Mexican wave in the queue for a nightclub.

47. When you get a wedding invite, actually make the effort to go. Don't fret about your plus one; take a friend and be the first to hit the dance floor.

48. Ditch all frenemies; you don't need any people in your life you secretly can't stand.

49. Learn to make the first move, be bold, be brave, be the first to dance, grab 2015 by the horns.