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    53 Thoughts You Have When Your BFF Gets Engaged

    I can't believe I'm really at that "marriage and children" part of life.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed


    2. ~squeal~

    3. But she was always so against marriage. What happened? Why has she joined the dark side?

    4. When my mum finds out she won't let me hear the end of it. I get it mum, I'm unmarried. I GET IT.

    5. No, I have hay fever, I'm not crying. I'm so happy for you. I'm not thinking about being forever alone or anything.

    6. This is now the seventh time I've heard her tell the proposal story.

    7. Now that she's engaged. I wonder how I'll fit into her new life?

    8. I'm losing my best friend.

    9. She will now be someone else's best friend.

    10. She's the pea in someone else's pod.

    11. Can there by three peas in a pod?

    12. I might as well change my name to "Third Wheel."

    13. When something silly happens to her at work or her favourite pizza's on offer or that YouTube dog she loves releases a new video , I won't be the first person she calls anymore :(

    14. And Facebook is just clogging up my newsfeed with engagement photos and baby pics. GIVE ME A BREAK.

    15. I definitely haven't just spent all night dreaming up my own engagement photo. Nope.

    16. She does seem genuinely happy.

    17. But wait, I can't believe we're really at that "marriage and children" age.

    18. Should I stop spending my nights on Netflix and tweeting members of One Direction?

    19. Maybe I should officially become an adult now?

    20. I'll never get married.


    21. I shouldn't have dumped my uni boyfriend. I mean, yeah, he was douche and he wore loafers without socks but he was total marriage material.

    22. Okay, what about the guy I've been on 3 dates with? I reckon we could definitely get married.

    23. I'm going to start dropping weddings hints, just over drinks. It'll be fine.

    24. I bet my BFF's engagement will just drag on and on and they'll never actually tie the knot.

    25. I bet they'll never even get married.

    26. Shit, am I a bad friend?

    27. ~Googles divorce rate~

    28. That doesn't look good. What if she gets hurt, what if this ruins her for life?

    29. Should I text her those divorce figures?

    30. No, wait that's a shitty person thing to do.

    31. I'll just accidentally leave it on my screen when she pops by.

    32. I hope I'm maid of honour, I'm definitely her number one.

    33. Who the hell is Becky? Why is she in the bridal party?

    34. Screw it, I don't want to have any wedding duties. I just want to be drunk the entire time.

    35. If she asks me to be a bridesmaid I'll say I have Ebola.

    36. Maybe that's the only reason they're getting married. The looming threat of Ebola? IT'S CLOUDED HER JUDGEMENT.

    37. How do I tell her that mint green for a bridesmaid dress is not a good look for me.

    38. I'm going to need to get in shape for this wedding. Mr. Darcy might be present.

    39. Wait, I know all their mutual friends, there are no Mr. Darcys. Just a few creepy cousins.

    40. Who should be my plus one be?

    41. Let the Plus One Hunger Games begin!

    42. No I don't want to look at your wedding Pinterest board I want to enjoy X Factor.

    43. Hold on, that's a really cute hairpiece.

    44. I bet they'll have a kid soon now they're engaged?

    45. They'll ask me to babysit and the kid will love me and I can be their cool aunt they tell all their secrets too.

    46. What if they only have engaged couple friends from now on and I'll feel so left out.

    47. They'll all sit there and judge me with those big diamonds hugging their perfect fingers.

    48. Okay, time to relax, I want to be part of this. I need to be part of this. My BFF is getting married and this better be the best day of her entire life!

    49. We need to spend every moment talking about all our treasured memories!


    51. At least now my BFF can pave the way for me into married land and tell me what it's like on the other side.

    52. I'm so proud of her <3

    53. I need to Facebook stalk the fiancé again. I mean how much do I really know about them?

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