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46 Reasons You Should Never Leave Amsterdam

Beautiful architecture, oodles of culture and awesome people. Amsterdam is the best.

1. Because the city has so many beautiful bridges.

2. And canals of course.

3. Because the houses all look like this.

4. And the houseboats look pretty too.

5. Because there's oodles of nature.

6. Because Keukenhof is just a train journey away.

7. And when it gets chilly, the city still looks spectacular.

8. Even in the snow.

9. Because Amsterdam's nightlife is unrivaled.

10. Because there's always something to do, no matter what time of year.

11. Because there's the Parade.

12. Because the best place to celebrate Gay Pride is in Amsterdam.

13. And Pride confetti makes the place look like a magical wonderland.

14. Because the Negen Straatjes are a shopper's paradise.

15. Because Amsterdam is filled with library porn.

16. And amazing bookshops.

17. Because everyone wants to come visit you.

18. Because the city really comes to life at night.

19. Because it's easy to get swept up in Dutch national pride.

20. Because the locals are hilarious.

21. Because you can travel everywhere by bike.

22. Or hop on the back of your friend's bike.

23. Because this is how people take their kids to school.

24. Because it's easy to get to places thanks to the trams.

25. Because you can smoke weed if you want.

26. Because the Bruin cafés give you a slice of authentic Amsterdam life.

27. Because the IJ-Hallen are a thrifty shopper's paradise.

28. In fact, the city is full of excellent markets!

29. Because you can eat poffertjes.

30. And they even sell them on the street.

31. In fact, street food in general is awesome.

32. Because you can get fast food out of a wall.

33. Because they know how to serve chips.

34. Because Amsterdam takes its coffee very seriously.

35. Because New Years Eve in Amsterdam is one of a kind.

36. And the firework debris the next day turns the city into a mesmerizing sea of red.

37. Because the people of Amsterdam love to hang out on terraces.

38. They even squeeze terraces onto little decks over the canals.

39. Seriously, people-watching in Amsterdam never gets boring.

40. Because you can marvel at the Concertgebouw.

41. Because you can get your theatre kicks at the Westergasfabriek.

42. Because there are museums aplenty.

43. Because the city is steeped in history.

44. Because Schiphol is so near you can jet off on holiday whenever you like.

45. Because of "gezelligheid".

46. See, even the animals love it here!