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27 Things That Are Only Acceptable At University

Just going to have a little nap, don't mind me.

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1. You can eat breakfast at 3pm.

2. Shortly followed by dinner, which will be the exact same dish.

3. It's totally normal to consume alcohol in wiggly, radioactive goo.

4. And spend more money on alcohol than anything else.

5. You can use any occasion as an excuse to consume more booze.

6. Even if you do rock up to campus the next day looking extremely frazzled.

7. Students don't have to worry about appropriate clothing. Do you want to walk around like a farm animal? Go for it!

8. Do you live in a hoodie you only wash once a year? No probs!

Spritz some Febreeze on yourself and you'll be fine.

9. You can fully revel in the art of daytime napping.

Although it might not always be very effective...

10. Even if it's in a crowded lecture hall.

12. And it's totally fine to choose your friends based on napping compatibility.

No talking, it's naptime.

13. And whether or not they'll do this for you in the morning.

That's true love <3

14. Having people crash in your bathtub overnight is also pretty standard.

15. Same goes for waking your housemate at 3am with a very pressing question.

16. At uni you'll read anything BUT that one book you need to read to pass your course and get a job and stuff.

17. You can spend your whole day doing this and no one will pass judgement.

18. It's also fine to hoard colossal amounts of stationery and never use any of it.

19. There is no such thing as an early night.

20. Even when it's obvious your lack of sleep is making normal life impossible.

21. Need fancy dress inspiration? Policeman/nurse/fireman or any other public sector job will do.

22. Or if that fails, just wrap yourself in a bed sheet.

23. Bigging up your sexual prowess is a must.

24. And so is the art of passive-aggressive note-making.

25. Or ditch the passive and go full-blown aggressive.

26. But at the end of the day, you will love those you live with and become a weird and sometimes incestuous family.


27. And lastly, the measure of a good night at uni? You wake up next to a bucket.