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    27 Faces Every Introvert Will Immediately Recognise

    Can I go home now?

    1. When people say they want to spend quality time with you.

    2. When you leave work and you end up walking the same way as a co-worker.

    3. When you've run out of small talk fuel and the fear kicks in.

    4. When you get a last-minute invite to a party.

    5. But then someone brings out the karaoke machine.

    6. When the seat next to your BFF is taken and you have to sit next to someone you don't know very well.

    7. When you're in a group and suddenly people get really loud and rowdy about something.

    8. When you're trying to leave the party but people keep talking to you.

    9. When you've finally got a Friday night all to yourself.

    10. But then on Monday people ask you what you did with your weekend and you're like...

    11. When your friends are trying to get you to speak to your crush.

    12. When you get home only to see your housemate has invited lots of people over.

    13. When you've been forced to be chatty and you feel mentally drained.

    14. When you're out with a friend and they bump into someone they know and they end up talking for aaaages.

    15. When people ask if you're OK just because you're being quiet.

    16. When people start hugging because they think you could do with a hug.

    17. When people pay you a surprise visit.

    18. When people don't invite you because they know you're going to say no but you're secretly a bit bummed.

    19. When you have to do a group project.

    20. When the phone rings and you can't be bothered to speak to anyone.

    21. When someone interrupts you when you're reading.

    22. When your friends come over and say they're forcing you to come out and party.

    23. When you're having a really intense conversation with yourself and people interrupt your thought process.

    24. When you're pretty sure no one knows it's your birthday until people gather round and start singing.

    25. When you've been successfully flirting with someone online and they ask you to meet them IRL.

    26. When you're hanging out with extroverts and you're totally in awe of their social skills.

    27. And lastly, when you finally find someone who is just as introverted as you.