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    • maggiewebbm

      My son wouldn’t breastfeed. The pediatrician sent us toalactation consultant as if her only other option wasasocial worker. Friends and family would say “What’s wrong with you?”Icried,Iscreamed,Ihated myself, and then, eventually-after my mom said she had only breastfed one of her six kids-I realized that it really didn’t matter andItold people to get out of my face. WhenIhad my daughter two years later,Ibreastfed her part of the time, but it was really… kind of boring and not as fulfilling as everyone had made it out to be. My kids are super awesome, and they got super awesome becauseIfed them,Ilove them, andIstopped hating myself. The whole breastfeeding debate is reallyaway of initiating you to the realities of parenthood, which consists of 95% blocking out other people’s well-intentioned “advice.” Congrats on the new baby! Soon you’ll move up to shrugging when your in-laws ask why your toddler isn’t wearing pants!

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