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18 Things To Do With A Date Besides Netflix And Chill

Not that Netflix and chill ever actually involved Netflix or chilling, but still. Why not experiment?

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1. Concert and Shift Your Weight Continuously

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Try leaning against a wall or nearby surface for a while! Notice how it gradually becomes harder to pick up your feet as the night progresses and the stickiness of the floor increases. Try not to think about having to go to the bathroom. Shift your weight toward your date, then away. Balls of the feet, then heels.

2. Sushi and Become Hyperaware of Your Fingers

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Whether you eat sushi with chopsticks, use your fingers, or use your chopsticks to put sushi on your plate and then pick it up with your fingers, you’re going to be thinking about your fingers. For a break, feel free to think about and watch your date’s fingers. Knuckles are weird and wrinkly.


3. Fall Foliage and Nitpick

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Some possible subjects of criticism to get you started: choice of music in the car, speed when exiting the freeway, the decision not to bring gloves when it's 30 degrees out, taking pictures of everything except you, holding hands, not holding hands, checking the football score, not being allowed to check the football score, where to stop for lunch, and whether to read Yelp reviews.

5. High School Reunion and Lie

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A time-honored tradition. Whether you're going as an alum or as a plus-one, high school reunions are the social-lying Olympics. I hope you've been training. Ask your grandma or annoyingly superior cousin to do a few practice rounds with you before you go.

6. Office Holiday Party and Overcompensate

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Office holiday parties keep you in fighting shape during non–high school reunion years. Do some stretches, high kicks, and power poses before you go. Then verbally power pose all night long.

7. Debate and End Up in a Fight

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We basically agree, you think. And we're reasonable, rational people. So we can totally have a civil, entertaining, and illuminating conversation about why I prefer Hillary and he's for Bernie on our way to dinner! No. No you can't.


8. Parasail and Hyperventilate

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Otherwise known as "The Bachelor: Date 3." If parasailing isn't an option in your area, you can also rappel down the side of a building, rock-climb, base-jump, hang-glide, bungee-jump, or skydive. Just be sure to face away from your date if you're going to throw up.

9. Contemporary Art and Opine Insufferably

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Nothing like staring at a painting of an aggressively nude man lying curled around a boar to make you feel like you should assert an opinion!

10. Thrift Shopping and Get Naked in Adjacent Stalls of Questionable Cleanliness

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Watch your date's feet. If they're the only person in the world who takes off one shoe, puts on one pant leg, then takes off the other shoe for the other pant leg, you need to know now.

11. Beer and Pee

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Have you ever been on a date where your date drinks six glasses of water and two beers, and you sit in the restaurant for two hours, and they never once get up to use the restroom (meanwhile, you went before the date, during, and before you left in case there was traffic on the way home)? Yeah. Me too.

12. Movies and Analyze the Armrest

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This is a great way to introduce one of the most important and hardest-to-answer questions of your relationship: Are we fighting or compromising?


13. Hang and Make Elaborate Mental Rankings

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Rank your date's friends based on how much you like them. Try sub-rankings based on style, humor, looks, kindness, talking-to-listening ratio, and who probably has more than one cat. Go ahead and mentally throw your own friends into the mix. Which group is better overall?

14. Sports and Yell When Other People Yell

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This elaborate group yelling exercise is also known as "socializing," and it helps us get in touch with our animal instincts. Like wolf calls, or whale songs.

16. Beach and Crippling Self-Consciousness

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"Let's go to the beach!" aka let's strip down to our skivvies and secretly judge each other's bodies in public and avoid all forms of touch because they're all going to feel like sex. HAND SEX. ELBOW SEX. EYE SEX.

17. Seamless and Unbutton Your Jeans Under Your Shirt

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The ability to undo the button on your jeans in secret is the best argument against ever wearing belts. Dating is uncomfortable enough as it is; put your belly at ease by giving it an extra inch.

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