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22 Reasons My Brother With Down Syndrome Is A Badass

From working at the Massachusetts State House to being featured on "Sesame Street," Brian, now 25, leads a pretty great life.

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1. He has been to the Special Olympics in three different sports.

Picture taken by Julia Heffernan.

Brian flexing with his sisters, Maggie and Evie. He has been to the Special Olympics for soccer, track and field, and swimming.


6. He has helped pass multiple disability bills into law while working at the Massachusetts State House.

Image owned by the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress.

Brian works for Representative Kay Kahn, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, and Governor Charlie Baker.

7. He's spoken at Harvard, Boston University, and multiple local elementary schools about his work as a disability advocate.

Image owned by Understanding Our Differences.

Brian speaking at an elementary school outside of Boston.


14. He's written hundreds of pages of television shows during his lifetime.

Picture taken by Daniel Heffernan.

Brian and his mom looking over the script of one of his shows. Brian uses Kurzweil text-to-speech software to listen to his scripts after he has written them.


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