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Irish Women Are Tweeting The Prime Minister About Their Periods For Abortion Reform

"I think it's only fair for the women of Ireland [to] let our Leader know the full details of our menstrual cycle #repealthe8th"

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Irish women are tweeting the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, with in-depth details of their menstrual cycles in order to highlight the restrictive laws around Irish women's reproductive health.

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The campaign was started by comedian, Gráinne Maguire, in an effort to draw attention to the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment of the constitution, which equates the life of the foetus to the life of the mother and criminalises abortion in Ireland.

Since we know how much the Irish state cares about our reproductive parts-I call my womb Ireland's littlest embassy ;-) #repealthe8th (1/3)

I think its only fair that the women of Ireland let our Leader @EndaKennyTD know the full details of our menstrual cycle #repealthe8th (2/3)

Hey @EndaKennyTD just so you know, I got my period two days ago. Pretty heavy flow at first but now just occasional spotting #repealthe8th

Irish women quickly got on board, with #repealthe8th trending in Ireland.

Hey buddy @EndaKennyTD My period feels like a bull in china shop, but instead of a shop it's my uterus. #repealthe8th @GrainneMaguire

So @EndaKennyTD, my period's just over. But I could tweet you some old smear test results, if you'd like? #repealthe8th

There'll be shrieks of "undignified!" at tweeting @EndaKennyTD about periods. Know what's undignified? Lack of bodily autonomy #repealthe8th

Some tweeters asked Enda for advice...

Hey @EndaKennyTD, my eggs are ageing but I still get my periods - each sooner & heavier. Have you advice for how to manage it? #repealthe8th

@EndaKennyTD 1st for tax avoidance! PS I have horrific pain with my period, do you think it's endometriosis or normal cramps? #repealthe8th

As politicians know best about women's health, @EndaKennyTD should I be concerned about unusual spotting and cramps? #repealthe8th

Hey @EndaKennyTD - what's a period? Asking for a friend. #repealthe8th

@EndaKennyTD Got my period today! Tampons or pads, what u think? Can't trust I'll make the right decision for myself... #repealthe8th

...while others just thought they should keep him abreast of their menstrual goings-on.

.@EndaKennyTD I just sneezed while on my period. I think I gave birth to a jellyfish. #repealthe8th

@EndaKennyTD Enda! REALLY BAD CRAMPS THESE DAYS. And my pal Marianne loves her mooncup, great for travelling in South America. #repealthe8th

@endakennytd I'm definitely PMS-ing so I'm not pregnant - phew! #dodgedabullet #repealthe8th

One for @EndaKennyTD to make it easier understandable. /cc @Sharrow_ie @TaraFlynn #RepealThe8th

@EndaKennyTD Day 5 of surfing the Crimson Wave and it's still like as though my uterus is trying to kill me from the inside #repealthe8th x

Hey @EndaKennyTD just so you know, I've just started my THIRD period in five weeks. Sucks, doesn't it?!!! #repealthe8th

In October, Father Ted creator, Graham Linehan, joined the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment, speaking with his wife, Helen, about their own experience with abortion after a fatal foetal diagnosis.

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"In Ireland, Helen would go to jail."

Enda has yet to respond.

Oh my god. If you want to see why Irish women have the best sense of humour in the world, look on the #repealthe8th tweets to @EndaKennyTD

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