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    21 Things You'll Do This Summer, As Told By "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants"

    Love your summer, love yourself.

    1. In the beginning, things will go just swimmingly.

    2. Your life, and your Instagram, will have never looked better.

    3. You'll travel somewhere new and will be all YAAAS! about the whole situation.

    4. Staying in shape will be easy because the weather will actually be gorgeous.

    5. The chance of you spending some very tranquil time near a body of water is high.

    6. You'll get back in touch with some friends who you haven't seen in forever.

    7. And everyone will be very interested in all the amazing things you've been doing.

    8. Your job will slowly start to destroy you.

    9. The heat will make working out impossible.

    10. Then your friends will force you to go bathing suit shopping, and you'll have a total meltdown...

    11. ...and you'll have to explain yourself later.

    12. You'll turn to emotional YouTube videos to give yourself some hope.

    13. But, since everyone feels the same way you do, it will be easy to vent.

    14. And then, when there are just a couple more weeks left, you'll get back into the swing of things.

    15. You'll go on that road trip you've always wanted to take.

    16. You'll learn something new.

    17. People will begin to look beautiful again.

    18. So, hopefully, this happens.

    19. Or, hey, maybe this will happen.

    20. You'll discover something pretty significant about life that you never knew before.

    21. And once it's over, you'll realize it was maybe the best summer of your entire life.

    So live it up, y'all. Happy summering!