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Definitive Proof Amazing Amy From "Gone Girl" And Helga From "Hey Arnold" Are The Same Person

Prepare to have your football head blown. Alert: minor Gone Girl spoilers.

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Listen to this while you scroll. It'll help ease the trauma you're still experiencing from Gone Girl.

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It may be hard to believe that beloved cartoon Helga Pataki and mastermind Amy Dunne could have anything in common.

But when you really take a look, you can see that these two are living practically the same life.

For starters, they're both in love with nice, chill guys who are well-liked in their hometowns.

Even though whether or not Nick Dunne is actually a "nice guy" or not is still up for debate, he's such a nice guy try-hard, so we'll just go with it.

But Arnold and Nick don't always know how to deal with these strong women.

And they end up falling for sweet, girl-next-door types.

20th Century Fox

Which causes both Helga and Amazing Amy to write down all their daily love angst in a private diary...


...which reveals so much about who they really are, even if no one else can see it.

Especially their irrepressible violent tendencies.
Nickelodeon / Via fuckyeahhelgapataki.tumblr

Especially their irrepressible violent tendencies.

And they hide their true feelings so well in fact, that even their own parents don't truly know them.

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It's honestly one of those situations where Marybeth would totally call up Miriam every month and invite her over for pot roast. And a nice pinot.

And they struggle with some very conflicted feelings about their men in general.


So they pretend that horrible things have happened to them in the hopes that maybe someone will pay attention.

Helga isn't quite on the same level as Amazing Amy, but in the episode "Beaned" she fools everyone into thinking she has amnesia for an entire day. She's also in fourth grade. You see where this is going.

Their thirst for revenge is not satiated. Their need for control is unmatched. Woe to the man who tries to stand in their way.

But eventually they do come around and, weirdly enough, get everything they ever wanted in the end.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

So there you have it! Helga Pataki and Amy Dunne. Two peas in a pod. Biffles for life. Soul sisters separated at birth.

Mind-blowing, right?

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