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Definitive Proof Amazing Amy From "Gone Girl" And Helga From "Hey Arnold" Are The Same Person

Prepare to have your football head blown. Alert: minor Gone Girl spoilers.

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Listen to this while you scroll. It'll help ease the trauma you're still experiencing from Gone Girl.

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And they hide their true feelings so well in fact, that even their own parents don't truly know them.

It's honestly one of those situations where Marybeth would totally call up Miriam every month and invite her over for pot roast. And a nice pinot.


So they pretend that horrible things have happened to them in the hopes that maybe someone will pay attention.

Helga isn't quite on the same level as Amazing Amy, but in the episode "Beaned" she fools everyone into thinking she has amnesia for an entire day. She's also in fourth grade. You see where this is going.

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