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    22 Realities Of High School Life As Told By "Grease"

    Some of us want to remember forever that shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom. Some of us don't.

    22. There were few things more empowering than walking into school on that first day of senior year.

    21. Everyone knew each other, so if you wanted private time with your boo thang you had to seek out some pretty sketch locations.

    20. The underground gum trade could get intense and political.

    19. It was always a drag when a substitute enforced more rules than the actual teacher.

    18. You thought your first car was the absolute best, and you felt like a total badass behind the wheel.

    17. There was that one kid who was super weird all through high school, but then you eventually developed a soft spot for them.

    16. Lunchtime = Gossip

    15. It was so beyond exciting when you officially made varsity.

    14. For better or worse, there was actually no way of escaping your ex-boyfriend.

    13. And you sometimes didn't deal with it in the most mature way.

    12. You hadn't quite figured out dating yet, but it was okay because that was all part of the fun.

    11. Sex was brought up in an academic setting and not one person could take it seriously.

    10. You couldn't ask just anyone to prom. A plan of attack was absolutely necessary.

    9. In an attempt to discover the "real you," you experimented with many different styles which often confused your family members.

    8. Some people changed a lot in four years.

    7. You seemed to always find out when people were talking behind your back.

    6. People had their cliques. It came with the territory.

    5. Everyone wore their emotions on their sleeves because hormones.

    4. You had an insane amount of appreciation for your friends. Mainly because they put up with your ridiculous teenage self on a daily basis.

    3. Gym class sucked.

    2. You lived for Friday nights.

    And when all the boring stuff was over and you look back... realize that even if you felt a little lost every now and then...

    1. You wouldn't have changed a thing.