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    12 Reasons Burritos Are Actually Your Spirit Animal

    More like bae-rrito.

    12. You're both sizzlin' hot.

    11. You've got a great figure.

    10. But yet so simple too. Like no one understands how you're so irresistible, you were just made that way.

    9. You're a great source of comfort even in the most difficult times.

    8. You own the competition.

    7. However, you can also be too much to handle.

    6. And have the potential to be a hot mess.

    5. But can still hold everything together quite nicely.

    4. You're beautiful.

    3. People can get pretty wrapped up in you, ya know?

    2. And aren't ashamed to be seen with you in public.

    But most of all...

    Without even meaning to...

    1. You bring strength and hope to millions with your delicious complexity, generous nature, and unrelenting spirit.