What It Feels Like To Quit Smoking


1. So you’ve decided to quit smoking. That’s awesome!

2. You can totally do this.

3. You SO don’t need cigarettes.

4. Your friends might not believe you can do it.

5. But you know they’re wrong.

6. Step 1: Get rid of any cigarettes you have. Out of sight, out of mind.

7. Now do your happy dance because you KNOW that felt great.

8. But five minutes later, reality sets in.

10. It’s OK, you’ll just chew some gum.

11. Keep chewing, keep chewing, keep chewing. This will work eventually, right?

12. UGH, who are you kidding, gum isn’t satisfying. Just eat something instead.


14. Now you don’t know what to do with your hands.

15. So you start nervously fidgeting.

16. And subconsciously putting your hand to your mouth.

17. Your body is feeling out of control.

18. It’s like you’re overtaken by itches you can’t scratch.

19. Your friends are getting worried about you.

20. So they suggest you go out with them tonight.

21. But “out” is where the people are. THE PEOPLE WHO SMOKE.

22. Finally, you cave because you’re feeling vulnerable.

23. But as soon as you get to the bar, you spot them: THE SMOKERS.

24. As you catch a whiff of smoke, your temper starts flaring.


26. So you quietly leave before this escalates out of control.

27. At home, you can’t stop feeling sorry for yourself.

28. You could try a nicotine patch, but they give you weird dreams at night.

29. And the medications to stop smoking are so expensive.

30. Your friends keep trying to encourage you.

31. And giving you “helpful” advice.

32. But that only makes it worse.

33. You start to regret the first time you ever had a cigarette.

34. And resent the celebrities who made it look so cool.

35. You feel like an 11-year-old girl on her period.

36. Other times, you suffer from rage blackouts.

37. Will it always be this hard?

38. But FINALLY, one fine day, you come to a realization.

39. Smoking doesn’t define you.

40. Sometimes you almost cave and buy a pack, but you quickly snap out of it.

41. Because actually, there are a lot of upsides to being a non-smoker.

42. Your sense of smell is better.

43. You feel richer because you’re not having to buy cigarettes all the time.

44. You can run without feeling like your lungs are on fire.

45. You’re IN CONTROL.

46. You got this.

47. And it feels damn good.

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