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6 Mouthwatering Cocktails For Foodies

Who says we can't have our cake and drink it too? Because nothing screams "multi-tasking" quite like consuming food and alcohol simultaneously.

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1. Bloody Mary with Vodka Poached Shrimp and Crudités


They may appear creepy while encased in their little crustacean armor, but once poached and skewered, there’s really no better Bloody Mary accompaniment than shrimp. Succulent and salty, this garnish takes the edge off the vodka and cools the tabasco kick. Try poaching it in pepper vodka instead of water for some extra spice. Pair with fresh and pickled veggies, and you’ve got yourself one sassy glass of deliciousness. Recipe here.

2. Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Martini


It comes as no suprise that rhubarb is a particularly popular cocktail ingredient this year, and Buzzfeed has already posted extensively on the versatility of the root. Sweet as sugar, no self-respecting pie lover should be caught without this on their menu. Try substituting gin for vodka and pureed rhubarb instead of syrup. Take a sip.

3. Candied Bacon Martini


Now I don’t personally eat bacon, but I figured I’d post this recipe due to the sheer popularity of the breakfast meat. Bacon is in everything these days, from cupcakes to ice-cream, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into alcohol. Vodka (try bacon infused) paired with the sacchrine/salty combo of candied bacon is sure to please. Try it here.

4. Cucumber Basil Gimlet


Cucumbers aren’t unusual cocktail ingredients by any means. They’ve been used as garishes and infused in liquor. Yet for their popularity, few drinks harness the full potential of the cool veggie. Juiced cuke is the star component of this gimlet - icy and refreshing, and offset by the peppery essence of basil. Take a look.

5. Piñata


If you regularly pine over pineapple, head to the store and pick up these ingredients NOW. There is almost nothing more satisfying than the caramelized goodness of grilled pineapple. The fruit smells wonderful and its sunny appearance will brighten up any drink. Treat. yo. self.

6. Espresso Martini


For the martini connoisseur with a sweet tooth, indulge in every coffee-lover’s boozy fantasy. Whether you're getting wired up to party or are winding down after a long day at work, you can’t go wrong with this caffeinated-twist on a classic martini. As always, save the best for last and enjoy the final crunchy bites of espresso bean at the bottom. Dig in.

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