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    21 Fabulously Eerie Skull Gifts

    Sinister or Sexy? You Decide.

    1. Chocolate Skulls / Via

    Perfectly described as looking "a bit like the horrifying remains of Augustus Gloop, if he hadn’t survived his trip up Willy Wonka’s chocolate pipe, and had been excavated years later from the fudge room". Get one for the frightening price of $585.49

    2. Molded Skull Sugar Cubes / Via

    Scary-sweet, fun to eat. $3 per bag on Etsy.

    3. X-Ray Socks / Via

    Your boney-digits will thank you. #SkullSwag. $8.95 at Beloved Shirts.

    4. Bifacial Skull Ring / Via

    Chilling yet elegant. $190 from Macabre Gadgets.

    5. Dearly Beloved Wine / Via

    Let's get scary-sloshed. $8 at Trader Joes.

    6. Skull Temporary Tattoos / Via

    If you don't want skull ink for life, choose temporary. 3 for $5.99 on Etsy.

    7. Crystal Head Vodka / Via

    Sip on booze instead of brains. $139 at Firebox.

    8. Pyro Pet Candles / Via

    These candles are endearing, even when they're down to the bare bones. $34 from Swish.

    9. Skull Matches / Via

    Strike one against a skull. $6 at D.L. & Co.

    10. Skeleton Violin / Via

    If for some strange reason you're looking for an electric violin, these are to die for. $2,100 from Electric Violin Shop.

    11. Skull Wall Clock / Via

    What time is it? Time for me tibia the owner of this clock. $30 from Society 6.

    12. Skull Shot Glasses

    Instagram: @crystalheadvodka / Via

    Dead-set on buying these. 4 for $11.90 on Amazon.

    13. Minuskull / Via

    Music from these skulls, to yours. From € 1,600 at Minuskull.

    14. La Bicicletta Coffee / Via

    Rise from the dead every morning with a rich blend from DOMA. 16 oz for $17.85.

    15. Vegan Skull Soap / Via

    Creepy things to keep you clean. $6.75 from Etsy.

    16. Skull Spoons / Via

    Make no bones about it, these spoons are more stylish than practical. $55 from Pinky Diablo.

    17. Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore / Via

    To drink, or not to drink? That is the question. €32.90 from Alandia.

    18. Skull Throw Pillow / Via

    Made from burlap, the spookiest of all fabrics. $46 from Etsy.

    19. Finger-Bone Bracelet / Via

    Dem bones are super chic. $15.90 on eBay.

    20. Sensory Depravation Skull / Via

    Return to a head to clear yours. Sadly, this is not for sale. Piece by Atelier Van Lieshout

    21. Resin Skull / Via

    Simultaneously eerie and beautiful. £800.00 from Skull Appreciation Society.

    Pull out your wallet and get it crackin'.