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    Being Single When The Entire World Is Getting Together

    Everyone in your life is hooking up, dating, getting engaged... and you're just about done.

    You own being single like it's your business.

    You got this, you're awesome, and you're going to rock your single-ness!

    Still owning it and owning it with serious SWAG!

    Heck you got this!

    Oh hey, look! Still owning it!

    But then... The Notebook happens

    Uh oh.

    And the downward spiral begins...

    You seek solace in alcohol.

    But alcohol isn't enough, so you throw food in as well.

    But you still can't get away from them darn couples.

    I mean like seriously.


    You also can't escape the, "Are you with someone?" questions.

    Thanks to society, this happens:

    You try this:

    And it peps you up enough to say it cheerily.

    At least you're getting close to acceptance.

    Which gets you to this stage:

    After all you've got a pocket full of sunshine.

    ... and you've got your awesome self.

    Therefore you don't need anyone.

    See? You're going to be just... fine.

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